What is µC/OS-II?

μC/OS-II is a portable, ROMable, scalable, preemptive, real-time deterministic multitasking kernel for microprocessors, microcontrollers and DSPs.

What does it do?

Offering unprecedented ease-of-use, μC/OS-II is delivered with complete 100% ANSI C source code and in-depth documentation. μC/OS-II runs on the largest number of processor architectures, with ports available for download from the Micrium Web site.

μC/OS-II manages up to 250 application tasks. μC/OS-II includes: semaphores; event flags; mutual-exclusion semaphores that eliminate unbounded priority inversions; message mailboxes and queues; task, time and timer management; and fixed sized memory block management.

μC/OS-II’s footprint can be scaled (between 5 Kbytes to 24 Kbytes) to only contain the features required for a specific application. The execution time for most services provided by μC/OS-II is both constant and deterministic; execution times do not depend on the number of tasks running in the application.

Reliability for safety-critical markets

Software certification is vital in order to demonstrate the reliability and safety of software systems. μC/OS-II is currently implemented in a wide array of high level of safety-critical devices, including:

Learn more about Micrium and certification for safety-critical products.


µC/OS-II is used in a wide variety of industries:

µC/OS-II documentation

Micrium’s user documentation is available online on the Micrium documentation site.