What is µC/Probe?

µC/Probe graphically visualizes the internals of any embedded system effortlessly, with just a few mouse clicks.
uC-Probe Graphical Live Watch

Do you already have a license key? Download µC/Probe and get started now.

What does µC/Probe do?

Micrium’s µC/Probe is a Windows application that allows you to read and write the memory of any embedded target processor during run-time, and map those values to a set of virtual controls and indicators placed on a graphical dashboard. Absolutely no programming is required – simply drag and drop the graphic components into place, and watch them go.

µC/Probe works with a wide variety of embedded processors, and supports communication via J‑Link, CMSIS-DAP, Cypress PSoC Prog, TCP/IP, USB, RS-232, or proxies such as the IAR Systems Embedded Workbench Plugin for µC/Probe or the Eclipse Plugin for µC/Probe.

You can also use μC/Probe to extend the capabilities of your debugging software by running both at the same time. μC/Probe allows you to have instant control over your global variables in a real-time and non-intrusive way.