About Micrium and Multicore: PolyCore Software

PolyCore Software’s Poly-Platform™/MCAPI is runtime software and a suite of software development productivity tools designed for multicore systems. It allows for the use of a range of different operating systems, multiple processors, and transport choices in each core. Improved productivity is achieved though the use of graphical tools and wizards, which convert the programming task to a simple configuration task.

Poly-Platform Tools

Poly-Platform Tools

PolyCore Software and Micrium have collaborated to create well-integrated platforms for multicore applications. In the multicore environment, the engineer may incorporate two or more dissimilar cores and/or processors. Data may be shared using one or more shared memory options, including DMA, wire mechanisms such as SRIO, and InfiniBand to name a few.

The illustration at left shows the Micrium μC/OS in a mission-critical application (on one or more of the cores), communicating information with a general-purpose operating system (GPOS) and applications. The standards-based MCAPI calls are used by both the μC/OS application and GPOS applications to transfer and share data.

Poly-Platform tools are eclipse plug-ins, and are used to:

  1.  Configure the communications and the memory usage for:
    1. μC/OS application
    2. GPOS application
  2. Insert MCAPI calls into the application modules
  3. Identify the application process to a specific core
  4. Provide a multicore and multi-OS build environment

The μC/OS-based application may be a) a real-time application where critical functionality is required to be performed in a predictable and deterministic manner, and/or b) a safety critical application where certification is needed.

With the Poly-Platform programming model, an application can be scaled to many cores with minimal effort. The application is enabled to run on today’s processors as well as next generation multicore processors.


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