Our Customers’ Stories


Mars Curiosity Rover

Micrium's µC/OS-II was chosen to control one of the analytical labs aboard the Curiosity rover called SAM (Sample Analysis at Mars). This is the first time that our µC/OS-II has left the earth's gravity and been trusted with such an important mission.

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Socomec Group

“We found µC/OS to be rugged, portable and efficient, while being adaptable to our hardware constraints to optimize the required functions and hardware used.”

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Jetter AG

“The JetControl 647 is a high-capacity controller system for industrial automation applications. We use µC/OS because of low overhead and high performance.”

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Vasamed SensiLase PAD-IQ

“Our experience with Micrium has been great. Micrium source code is accessible and well documented, and enabled us to easily transition code to our new platform.”

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Owens Valley Radio Observatory

OVRO is one of the largest university-operated radio observatory in the world. The radio telescope station runs on 120 DSPs each running uC/OS-II.

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“We selected Micrium because we wanted a reliable and certified RTOS to serve as one of the foundational components for our next generation of products.”

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NRG Systems

“Ultimately, everything comes back to support; when we’ve needed it, Micrium has always come through with a good response and a good response time.

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Zebra Technologies

“We have had excellent success with the Micrium products. They provide low overhead (CPU cycles/memory) on the system, while providing advanced features.”

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