Marc Capot, Embedded Software Engineer
Socomec Group

“We’ve consistently found that Micrium offers a good, well-documented product with very responsive technical support. We were able to get our product to market sooner than we could have doing it on our own or had we stuck with a competitive option. Based on our experience, we certainly hope we have the opportunity to use Micrium on new projects in the future.”

Embedded Software for Control Systems

NRG Systems is a pioneer in renewable wind and solar power generation. The company began 30 years ago, and today serves multiple stages of wind and solar energy project development, from site assessment to commercial operation. Their products are used by electric utilities, turbine OEMs, project developers, research institutes, and government agencies in more than 150 countries.

Their Turbine PhD System is a wind turbine condition monitoring system. It runs Micrium’s RTOS kernel, µC/TCP-IP, µC/FTP-Client and µC/FS.

The central component to this system is a Local Data Concentrator which runs a multi-threaded application using Micrium’s uC/OS. The data concentrator is used to facilitate the movement of data from the wind turbine to a central data storage location. To achieve this the RNRG system uses µC/TCP-IP for network communications, uC/FS for a local file system to store data on an internal memory device before it is sent on the network, and µC/FTP-Client when moving data files to an FTP server.

"Our experience with Micrium has been very good," says Mark Chaffee, Lead Firmware Engineer at NRG Systems. "We had some issues coming up to speed with the product (as always happens when using something the first time), and Micrium’s technical support was more than willing to help. We also attended Micrium’s free three-day training program in Weston, Florida, which we found very helpful.

"Ultimately, everything comes back to support; when we’ve needed it, Micrium has always come through with a good response and a good response time. The product’s robustness has been very important to us. And we’ve found Micrium’s comprehensive documentation to be a huge benefit."


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