Andes Technology Corporation is located at SiSoft Research Center in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan. We devote ourselves to developing high-performance/low-power 32-bit processors and associated SoC platforms to serve the rapidly growing embedded system applications market worldwide. 

As the features of many electronic devices are becoming more and more versatile, customers demand new generations of SoC solutions that offer better scalability, flexibility, performance, cost and power saving. However, the diversity of emerging consumer markets has driven sophisticated design requirements that makes it difficult for traditional component providers to offer cost-effective solutions in time.

Our innovative configurable platform solution allows Andes' customers to design unique system architectures and hardware/software partitioning to maximize system optimization. Offering technologies in the areas of microprocessor, system architecture, operating system, software toolchain development, and SoC VLSI implementation, Andes can work closely with customers to shorten their time-to-market with quality design. 

Andes Technology
2F, No.1, Li-Hsin First Road, Hsinchu Science Park,
Hsinchu City, Taiwan 300 R.O.C
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