RX63N RDK IoT Starter Kit Powered by AWS

RX63N-RDK-ioT-Starter-KitThe Renesas RX63N RDK IoT Starter Kit is a high-performance, low-cost embedded development platform that you can use to design and build your IoT device quickly and efficiently.

The Starter Kit is designed specifically for IoT applications that connect to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The IoT Starter Kit features:

The kit is pre-programmed with Micrium's Smart Home Demo which uses Micrium Spectum software to connect to AWS IoT cloud platform.

Getting Started with the IoT Starter Kit and Micrium Software

To get started developing IoT applications for AWS:

  1. Purchase the RX63N RDK IoT Starter Kit.
    The kit is available from these Renesas Electronics authorized distributors: Arrow, Avnet, Digi-Key, Future.
  2. Learn about AWS IoT.
    Check out the AWS Getting Started Guide available from Amazon.
  3. Learn about the RX63N RDK IoT Starter Kit.
    The Micrium Getting Started Guide for the Renesas RX63N will familiarize you with the Micrium AWS IoT demo, and allow you to interact with your board.
  4. Contact Micrium to download the necessary source code.
    Use the contact form below to obtain the Micrium software free of charge.
Inquire About RX63N RDK IoT Starter Kit