Getting Started with AWS IoT on the STM32F7 Discovery

stm32f746g_disco_photoTo get started developing IoT applications for AWS follow these steps:

  1. Purchase an STM32F7 Discovery board.
    The kit is available for purchase directly from ST Microelectronics.
  2. Install IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM (Version 7.5 or greater).
    Free trial available at
  3. Download the project.
    Download the Micrium IAR project for the STM32F7 Discovery.
  4. Learn about AWS IoT.
    Check out the AWS Getting Started Guide available from Amazon.
  5. Follow the getting started guide.
    Download the Micrium getting started guide, which will familiarize you with the Micrium AWS IoT demo, and allow you to interact with your board.
  6. Contact Micrium with any questions.
    If you have any questions about the AWS IoT on the STM32F7 Discovery demo, or for more information about Micrium Spectrum, please contact us.
AWS IoT on the STM32F7 Discovery