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Recovering the C Stack in a Micrium RTOS‑Based Application

When using the Micrium kernels, it’s possible for the C startup stack to be lost, thus reducing the amount of RAM available to your embedded application. This note shows how you can completely recover this valuable RAM for use as one of your task stacks.

Published on July 10, 2018 by Jean Labrosse


Measuring Code Execution Time on ARM Cortex‑M MCUs

In many real-time applications, the CPU can spend 95% (or more) of its time in less than 5% of the code. Measuring the actual execution time of portions of your code can help you find the hot spots in your code.

Published on July 9, 2018 by Jean Labrosse


How to Write a Basic Dynamic Tick BSP for μC/OS-III

Time-keeping in μC/OS-III has always been performed by means of a tick interrupt. But for applications that need to conserve power without disabling the tick, a different solution had to be developed.

Published on July 3, 2018 by Sharbel Bousemaan


Detecting IP Address Conflicts with µC/TCP-IP

IP address conflicts can be detected in µC/TCP-IP by using a gratuitous ARP request.

Published on June 30, 2018 by Yanko Sosa


Basics of µC/FS FAT Utilization

µC/FS is a FAT File System. This article will cover some basics of what a FAT is and how it is used within our FileSystem stack. Download and continue reading this Application Note.

Published on June 29, 2018 by Michael Dean