µC/OS-II: The Real-Time Kernel

Learn the essentials of real-time operating systems.

These books describe the design and implementation of the MicroC/OS-II real-time operating system (RTOS). In addition to their value as references to the kernel, they are extremely detailed and highly readable design studies particularly useful for embedded systems students. While documenting the design and implementation of the kernel, the books also discuss many related development issues: how to adapt the kernel for a new microprocessor, how to install the kernel, and how to structure the applications that run on the kernel.

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These books are written for serious embedded systems programmers, consultants, hobbyists, and students interested in understanding how to use a real-time kernel. μC/OS-II® is more than just a great learning platform. It is a full commercial-grade software package, ready to serve as the foundation for a wide range of products.

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MicroC/OS-II: The Real-Time Kernel, 2nd Edition

Independent review by author and embedded systems expert Jack Ganssle (from Embedded Systems Programming Magazine, January 1999, p89-91):

Jean Labrosse has a new revision of his µC/OS-II, The Real Time Kernel available. I've long been a fan of Jean's, of the µC/OS product itself, and his books. This version is more than a simple upgrade; it appears to be a total rewrite. Weighing in at 600 pages it's a complete description of the RTOS, and about how to use it in your application. The RTOS itself now has file system and GUI support. It's certified to DO-178B, and an upgrade to DO-178A is coming. It has been ported to a vast number of microprocessors. Best of all, to me, is the code is written in an eminently clear and consistent fashion. Want to teach people how to write clean code? Have them read the source to µC/OS. The book no longer includes source listings of the RTOS; those are on the companion CD. Instead, Jean has added chapters and more material that gives a very easy-to-understand description of what is going on. There are many more illustrations than in the previous volume. I like the fact that he has annotated the listings (listings that demonstrate how to use the RTOS) with numbers that refer to descriptions in the text. That speeds understanding of the concepts a lot. Highly recommended.

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Freescale Kinetis

µC/OS-II: The Real-Time Kernel for the Kinetis ARM Cortex-M4

The book describes practical, working applications for embedded medical devices built on μC/OS-II® and Freescale’s TWR-K53N512 medical board (ARM® Cortex™-M4) using IAR development tools. Each of the included examples feature hands-on working projects, which allow you to get your application running quickly, and can serve as a reference design for implementing μC/OS-II based applications.

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