2018/04/16See Jean Labrosse at ESC Boston
2017/09/21Micrium at ARM TechCon 2017
2017/06/01Christian Légaré to Present at IoT Evolution 2017
2016/11/07Embedded World 2017
2016/08/01ST Developers Conference
2016/08/01Webinar: How to accelerate data analysis on IoT devices
2016/07/16Jean Labrosse to Present at ESC Minneapolis
2016/07/15Wireless IoT Workshop: “Sensor-to-Cloud in One Day”
2016/06/29Webinar: File Systems in IoT Edge Devices
2016/06/10NXP Smarter World Tour Truck at ENOVA Paris 2016
2016/06/02Dreamforce 2016
2016/06/02IoT Evolution 2016
2016/03/04Micrium to present at IoT Slam 2016
2016/02/26NXP FTF Tech Forum
2016/02/26IoT World
2016/01/27Micrium to Present at ESC Boston 2016
2015/12/16µC/OS-III Training with Jean Labrosse (Austin, Texas)
2015/12/01Join us at Embedded World 2016
2015/11/22Webinar: Fix Common Inefficiencies that Plague IoT Projects
2015/11/07ESC Silicon Valley 2016
2015/11/02Micrium to Join IPSO Pavilion at Designers of Things
2015/10/13ARM TechCon 2016
2015/10/09Next µC/Probe Webinar — December 16, 2015 / 11:00 am EDT
2015/10/05Micrium Talking IoT at AWS re:Invent 2015
2015/10/05See us at ARM TechCon November 11–12
2015/10/05Infineon XMC™ Developer Day
2015/08/27Join us at Renesas DevCon
2015/08/27Visit us at Dreamforce 2015
2015/06/18Hands-on RTOS Workshop | ESC Silicon Valley
2015/06/18Hands-On Workshop: Connect Your IoT Device to the Cloud | IoT Evolution Developer Conference
2015/06/18Join Micrium at the Freescale Technology Forum
2015/05/01Jean Labrosse to offer Hands-on-Lab at Embedded TechCon
2015/04/30“RTOS Smackdown: 7 RTOSes in 45 Minutes” Panel at ESC Boston
2015/04/22See Micrium at IoT World — May 12–13, San Francisco
2015/02/04“Why IoT Devices Need an RTOS Kernel” Presentation at ESC Boston 2015
2014/11/05Micrium at Embedded World 2015 — Nürnberg, Germany
2014/10/24Come see us at Internet of Things Applications 2014 — Nov 19–20
2014/10/24µC/OS-II Training – Wangen im Allgäu, Germany on Nov. 7
2014/10/07See Christian Légaré present “IoT System Designs” at Dreamforce ’14
2014/07/25Christian Légaré presents “Embedded Systems, Catching the IoT Wave” at ARM TechCon 2014
2014/05/30Sensors Expo & Conference 2014
2014/01/09Micrium’s Christian Légaré Discusses the Internet of Things at EE|Live!
2014/01/09Micrium at Embedded World 2014 in Nürnberg — 25–27 February
2013/01/25Free Three-Day µC/OS-III and µC/TCP-IP Workshop
2013/01/04ARM Techcon — Santa Clara, California
2013/01/04Design East — Boston, Massachusetts
2013/01/04ESC Brazil — Sao Paulo, Brazil
2013/01/04Design West – San Jose, California
2013/01/04Embedded World – Nuremberg, Germany