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These files are supported and hosted by third parties.


MCUMicrium ProductEvaluation BoardToolchainDate

This file is located on the NXP web site. To visit the site, click the Download button at left (or the link above).

The µC/OS-III ports and sample projects are located in the file (Vx.yy is the file version number at the time of download). Download the zip file and open it.

The µC/OS-III ports and sample projects are located in directories for each NXP product line (\LPCOpen_vx.yy\applications). This is where you will find the NXP supported MCUs.

In each of these MCU family directories, you can search per embedded software components in the examples folder:


or you can search per toolchain:
\LPCOpen_vx.yy\applications\lpc18xx_43xx\ iar_ewarm_projects\lpcopen_ucosiii_lpc8xx_4xx.eww

Keil MDK V4.x
Using Micrium Projects
Example projects are intended for evaluation use only. Developers seeking to use Micrium products commercially must contact Micrium sales to obtain the proper license(s).
 Licensing Micrium Software
Our embedded software components are priced as individual modules or as bundled solutions. Learn more about Micrium's product licensing.