Embedded World Remains “the” Embedded Show in Europe

It’s been a busy few weeks here at Micrium getting organized and ready for Embedded World, as well as participating in the event last week in Nuremberg, Germany. It remains simply a massive show and we truly appreciate having the opportunity each year to connect with our partners and customers at a single event. We were booked back to back with meetings, a sure sign of a good show!

There were a couple of major trends at Embedded World. One was the expressed desire from semiconductor companies wanting to explore partnerships to provide more integrated solutions to their customers. We think there is a general acknowledgement that the embedded industry is changing and new levels of collaboration and support will be needed.

At the same time, the IoT was huge. We did note a shift this year (as did EDN’s Rich Quinnell) from “just IoT” to the need to secure the IoT. I’m pleased to report we’re ahead of this trend, having announced the integration of Icon Labs’ Floodgate Security Framework with Micrium’s µC/OS-III® RTOS. The integrated solution creates a secure platform for IoT devices and extends the Internet of Secure ThingsTM initiative into systems and solutions with limited resources. In short, this secure platform for embedded devices simplifies IoT solution design and offers a built-in defense against cyber attack.

Our other major announcement for the show was the official launch of our µC/OS for Makers program, which was, quite simply, a huge success. Everyone that we discussed it with liked it and most of them intend to sign up (if they didn’t sign up in person at the show). Once again, this ties back to the changing nature of the embedded industry and recognition that to make the IoT a reality, developers will benefit from using the best software and tools.

If you missed the news, makers and pre-revenue startups can now license – at no cost – our µC/OS-III kernel, µC/TCP-IP stack, µC/USB-Device, µC/USB-Host, µC/Modbus, µC/FS RTOS components as well as µC/Probe tool for embedded system visualization and debugging. All of the information is available on our website, along with a form to register, or watch Jean Labrosse explain the program to Embedded Computing Design’s Rich Nass.

Micrium's booth at Embedded World

Embedded World 2016

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank our partners Embedded Office, Medium One and Icon Labs for their continued partnership as well as joining us in our booth.

Embedded Office is a long-term partner to Micrium with a strong track record working on safety-related customer projects, including the aerospace, industrial, medical and agricultural markets. They provide services in design, development and certification of safety-critical systems. Embedded Office also offers the service of 3rd party components to choose and integrate into embedded systems, including our µC/OS RTOS.

Medium One demonstrated its IoT Data Intelligence Platform in the Micrium booth using Micrium's leading μC/OS RTOS and Renesas' RX111 Wi-Fi Connectivity Kit, showing how fast and easy it is to develop IoT embedded systems.  With Medium One's real-time workflows, developers can quickly build application logic and get real-time intelligence based on their data.

Icon Labs demonstrated its Floodgate Security Framework in the Micrium booth using Micrium’s leading μC/OS RTOS and Renesas’ RX63N Demonstration Kit.  Together, it was clear just how quickly and easily robust security can be added to an embedded platform.  With Icon Labs Floodgate Security Framework, developers can add secure boot, secure communication, an embedded firewall and intrusion detection to their device.

Mark your calendars now – we’re sure to be back again next year and look forward to doing it all again!

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