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    Arash Rafizadeh

    Dear Micrium,

    My name is Arash Rafizadeh. I’m a programmer in my company.
    We are designing circuit and power controller for elevators.
    In our newly project, I want to use your OS.
    I would be grateful if you give me some information about this OS.



    Matt Gordon

    Micrium currently offers two highly efficient and reliable real-time kernels, µC/OS-II and µC/OS-III, both of which have impressive track records. µC/OS-II was released in 1998, and, in part because of the numerous certifications it has achieved as part of aerospace, medical, and industrial controls products, it has become a favorite of developers in safety-critical fields. Building on the success of µC/OS-II, Micrium released µC/OS-III in 2009. The newer kernel offers many of the time-tested services available from its predecessor, along with a number of new features, such as built-in performance measurement facilities, dynamic tick support, and mechanisms for stack overflow avoidance. Additional information on both kernels can be found here.

    Next week, a third kernel, µC/OS 5, will be added to the mix, with the official release of the Micrium OS. The OS—a title that encompasses a number of software modules, including the new kernel—is being made available with an innovative tool named Platform Builder that automates the creation of projects incorporating Micrium’s software. Additional information on the upcoming OS release is available here.

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    Arash Rafizadeh

    Thank you “Matt Gordon”

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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