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    mike tran

    Hi UCOS,

    vivado/sdk 2018.3, microzed 7z020, Micrium_Xilinx_Repo_1_44.zip

    I am trouble with latest Micrium_Xilinx_Repo_1_44.

    1. after adding repositories of ucos_v1_44 in SDK, I tried to construct a BSP project, however, there was no place to specify UART port (since my vivado block diagram contained both PS-UART0 and PS-UART1).

    previously ucos_v1_43 was able to select:

    system.mss –> modify this bsp’s settings –> configuration for OS: ucos –> 01. general_options –> STDIN_OUT –> ps7_uart_1

    2. then I tried Hello World program. Templates are empty, and message is “there is no supported application for selected processor and os”.

    follow https://forums.xilinx.com/t5/Embedded-Development-Tools/Question-about-ucos-templates/m-p/950419 , I am able to construct and compile the helloworld project in SDK. However, there are no uart outputs during debug on microzed board.

    Please advise, thanks in advance



    Hello Mike,

    The STDIO handling has been moved in 1.44.
    It is now located under ucos_standalone, to mimic the Xilinx standalone approach.



    mike tran

    got it, thank you for the help.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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