Multiple CAN Node Configuration issues with Vivado

Multiple CAN Node Configuration issues with Vivado

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    Malte Jensen

    I’m working in vivado on a PicoZed 7020 with a custom carrier board. Part of the project is establishing two different canbuses, however I am unable to access the configuration file that makes this possible, since it is tied up in the automatically generated board support package (bsp).
    Usually configuration of the bsp happens through the user interface, but when i enable the uC/CAN library in the bsp settings overview menu it does not give me any options. When i enable anything else, for example the operating system, it gives me access to a separate configuration menu.
    I’ve considered copying the configuration file(can_cfg.h) out of the bsp and into my application where i can make manual changes, but I am worried it will mess with the rest of the bsp files that might include it.

    Any thoughts or ideas are greatly appreciated.


    Hello Malte,

    I can’t say for sure why uC/CAN doesn’t have a configuration menu similar to the other products.
    If I had to guess, it might be due to some differences in how it is configured.
    However, you can certainly modify the included config files to suit your particular hardware needs.

    There are two ways you may choose to do this:
    1) Generate the BSP and Project, then modify the project-files.
    2) Modify the template files in the repository itself.

    My recommendation is that you select option 2, since you may need to regenerate the BSP at some point which will override the changes you make to the project’s BSP code.
    I also recommend that you keep the changes under source control, should you need to revert.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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