OS_memclr consumption of energy

OS_memclr consumption of energy

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    Nayeon Kim


    I am doing an experiment using uc/os-ii ported on the board name MSP432P401R.
    The experiment is to trace energy by the EnergyTrace Technology+ developed by TI.
    So it can measure the energy for each function.

    However, the function ‘os_memclr’ is keep called, which hinders our experiment from tracing energy each function consumes.
    To solve this problem, I want to know when this function is called, and if there is way not to call this function.

    If you need code, I will provide it.
    Thank you ! :)


    Matt Gordon

    OS_MemClr() is a function that uC/OS-II uses in place of the standard library routine memset(). (All standard library calls were removed from the kernel years ago to streamline the certification process for Micrium’s safety-critical customers.) The function is only called during initialization routines, where it is used strictly for initializing the arrays that serve as statically allocated pools of kernel objects in uC/OS-II. A complete list of these calls is provided below.

    OS_InitEventList(), in os_core.c
    OS_InitTCBList() (two calls), in os_core.c
    OS_FlagInit(), in os_flag.c
    OS_MemInit() (two calls), in os_mem.c
    OS_QInit(), in os_q.c
    OSTmr_Init() (two calls), in os_tmr.c

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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