porting of uC-os-iii

porting of uC-os-iii

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    sagar joshi


    i want to port uC-os-iii on STM32F103 microcontroller.i am beginner in the RTOs.but i have knowledge of cortex -m3 architecture.please suggest what steps are required to do this.


    Matt Gordon

    In order to run either µC/OS-II or µC/OS-III on a particular hardware platform, it’s necessary to have both a kernel port for the CPU core on which the platform is based, and a simple BSP to deal with the handful of peripherals that a project incorporating one of Micrium’s kernels requires. For a platform built around an STM32F103 MCU, the necessary ports have already been written. Micrium’s Cortex-M3 ports have been available since the M3 was first announced, and there are numerous µC/OS-II and µC/OS-III example projects on the Micrium Web site’s Download Center that use these ports.

    Among the projects listed on the Download Center are several examples targeting boards from STMicroelectronics, including a handful of boards outfitted with STM32F103 devices. Thus, for these boards, at least, the BSP code and the port files needed to run Micrium’s kernels is available. For other STM32F103-based boards, the BSP portion would need to be developed. However, there’s usually not an overwhelming amount of work needed to prepare a BSP for the kernels, since nearly all of the required code can be taken directly from examples that the MCU manufactures make available. A complete description of the basic BSP functions required for a working Cortex-M3 example project can be found in the following documents available from the Application Notes section of the Micrium Website: µC/OS-II Project Template for Cortex-M3 on IAR Embedded Workbench and µC/OS-III Project Template for Cortex-M3 on IAR Embedded Workbench.

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