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    Phil Karlsson

    I’m prototyping a USB device that will exchange data with a custom Windows application written by another member of my team. The device will also support communication over a virtual COM port, in order to facilitate diagnostics and troubleshooting. I’m interested in better understanding how uC/USB would be able to statisfy both of my device’s communications requirements.


    Matt Gordon

    Composite devices—those implementing more than one interface—are not uncommon in the USB world, and the authors of µC/USB-Device kept this in mind during the stack’s development. While, of course, it’s mostly up to application developers to write the communication and data-processing code for each of a device’s interfaces, the work involved in ensuring that the interfaces can coexist alongside one another, and that they are ultimately recognized by USB hosts, mostly boils down to configuration. Here, the µC/USB-Device user’s manual provided on Micrium’s documentation site can be especially helpful. The Configuration section of the manual offers detailed descriptions of the stack’s configuration constants and even provides example configurations indicating how these constants should be defined to implement different single-interface and composite devices.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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