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    GeunHa You


    I want to write interrupt-driven SCI communication codes on uC/OS-II and TMS320F28335 board.

    During running tasks normally, the target board receives data when SCI interrupt is triggered.

    How can I write Interrupt Service Routine about it?

    Or are there any examples related to?



    Farukh Chaudhry

    Hello GeunHa You,

    Writing a simple SCI receive interrupt service routine with uC/OS-III can be done with a task message pend and post. The first thing is to make sure the interrupt service routine is executed when a character is received.

    In the main application, you can generate a task that waits for a message (pend) and the SCI ISR will post a message to the task when a character is received. The task in the main application will read the character and wait for the next message.

    You can look at the sample code which is part of examples for your MCU. You also can read the manual and test your own code later.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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