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    Brian Peavey


    I have an existing uCOS-II-based codebase that I need to update to run on Cortex-M4 hardware with support for MicroPython. Does anyone have experience combining uCOS with MicroPython? I know MicroPython is capable of running on this hardware (with enough Flash/RAM space), but I’m not sure if there will be issues trying to combine my existing uCOS-II firmware with MicroPython. Any pointers or things to consider would be appreciated.


    Matt Gordon

    Unfortunately, I don’t know of anyone within Micrium who’s tried to run µC/OS-II and MicroPython. Certainly, there are Micrium users who have experience writing µC/OS-II-based applications in languages other than C—I often work with customers whose applications are written entirely in C++, and Micrium’s partner MicroEJ enables Java applications to run on the kernel. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are developers who have run MicroPython with Micrium kernels, but I couldn’t say for certain whether or not that combination is viable.

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