uC/OS-II on Nios 2

uC/OS-II on Nios 2

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    Fred Iverson

    I am looking at the Nios 2 for my next project and I want to run uC/OS-II. I’m not sure which example project I should download from the Micrium site. Can anyone help?


    Matt Gordon

    On the Nios II, you actually won’t need an example project to get µC/OS-II up and running. That’s because the kernel is integrated into the IDE (the Nios II EDS). For any new project (created by clicking File->New->Nios II Application and BSP from Template), you’ll be given the option of a standalone BSP or µC/OS-II. If you choose the latter, the resulting project will incorporate all of the kernel’s source code, and any drivers that you use will—through hook functions—leverage kernel services for protecting shared resources and signaling events. Thus, it’s very easy to get started running µC/OS-II on any Altera platform supported by the Nios II EDS.

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