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    xzp xzp

    I have used uCOSII on samsung S3C2416 for few years. Now we should change hardware platform for TI AM335x . So i want to transplant the uCOS on AM335x. But i have some difficult , i have seen an example on AM3517 , but it doesnot work on AM335x. Could you give me some suggestion , or a demo on AM335x will be pleasure . Thank you very much!



    Hi ! I also have some difficult.
    I get the exception, program move tp GLOBAL EXCEPTION HANDLER (OS_CPU_ARM_ExceptHndlr). An exception occurs before the OS has been fully initialized.

    If you have examples, can you please give me some exemles or demo. I’m use AM3352.

    xzp xzp: What error do you have? can you please give me your project on alex6441161@mail.ru. I can give you my


    Matt Gordon

    At the moment, there are no official Micrium examples targeting AM335x devices. However, the support team is always at work on new projects, and TI’s Sitara family is one possible target of the team’s future work.


    xzp xzp

    Oh,i am very glad to hear this message! Could you tell me when can we download the demo for uCOS on TI’s Sitara? Thank you very much.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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