UDP limits on the Zynq BSP?

UDP limits on the Zynq BSP?

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    Peter Vanecek

    Hello, just wanted to see if anyone else had this issue:

    I used the following tutorials to get Micrium OS-III up and running on my Zynq FPGA:

    1. To put Micrium on a Zynq board, follow the instructions at
    2. and use the source file: Micrium_XSDK_Repository_ucos_v1_41.zip downloaded from

    I purchased the TCP-IP stack, but found that the included BSP already allows me to run a UDP server which is great, because that’s all I need. As a test I ported over the UDP Server example code and am able to send out a UDP packet once every 5 second, no problem. BUT, when I decrease the timer to every 2 seconds, I get a 30 error (NET_ERR_IF_LINK_DOWN) on the first packet, followed by 20021 error (NET_SOCK_ERR_NOT_USED) for each additional packet. I’m wondering if anyone else has seen this and if it is a limit in the supplied BSP? Perhaps it’s being limited because they expect you to purchase the TCP-IP stack and I just need to integrate it?


    Hello Peter,

    It may be that the link state has not changed by the time you try to send out the first packet.
    There seems to be a delay in bringing the link state up with the Zynq examples.
    Can you try adding a delay of 5 seconds before the first transmit?



    Peter Vanecek

    Hi Sharbel, that appears to be it. Thanks for your suggestion!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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