undefined references to `CPU_SR_Restore'

undefined references to `CPU_SR_Restore'

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    Esko Jaakkola


    I am getting lot of “undefined references” errors when I try to make ucos-iii project with gnu arm eclipse.

    “undefined references to `CPU_SR_Restore’ etc.

    If I understood right, there is both c-language and assembly language realisation for example for CPU_SR_Restore. Is thereready made ucos-iii project for gnu arm eclipse in github ?



    Matt Gordon

    Currently, all of Micrium’s example projects are hosted on this Web site. Among the projects available for download, there are numerous examples targeting various Eclipse-based IDEs, and most of these incorporate the port files needed to build either µC/OS-II or µC/OS-III under gcc. The Micrium Download Center page for STMicroelectronics MCUs, for example, offers links to many Eclipse-based projects: https://www.micrium.com/downloadcenter/download-results/?searchterm=hm-stmicroelectronics&supported=true

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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