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    David Beaulieu


    We are currently evaluating uC RTOS for our existing product line.
    We currently are running linux on a Nios2 core and we are not getting the required performance. We are planning on moving to an RTOS to speed-up the software boot process.

    The FPGA ethernet port is connected to a embedded network switch. The software must be able to allocate 2 network interface:

    * 1 without any VLANs for communication with the outside world.
    * 1 with VLAN tag 3950 for internal communication with another CPU.

    Before I continue with the evaluation, I need to know if VLAN tagging is support by the TCP/IP stack.
    I search the manuals but couldn’t find what I was looking for. So thought I would ask here: are VLANs supported by uCOS?

    Best regards,
    – David

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