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    mike tran

    Hi UCOS,

    I like to study OpenAMP projects for zynq, as described in OpenAMP Tutorial Part 1 – Zynq A9 to A9,

    Picture shows Micrium OpenAMP Master / Slave Project(s), however, which is not available in “Xilinx SDK Repository” ucos_v1_43 .

    Please kindly inform where I can find these example projects. Thanks in advance



    Hello Mike,

    Unfortunately, that tutorial is out-of-date. It applies to an older release of the repo, v1.41.
    We may have an update available soon to support this again.



    mike tran

    Hi Sharbel Bousemaan,

    I downloaded ucos_v1_41, and successfully built/tested openamp_master/openamp_slave example projects with vivado/sdk 2015.4. Thank you for the help.

    Now, the question is how to integrated them into Petalinux openamp framework, i.e., petalinux on cpu0 and ucos openamp on cpu1.

    Please advise, thanks in advance,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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