zynq usb host vbus no +5v output

zynq usb host vbus no +5v output

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    mike tran

    Hi UCOS,

    Micrium_Xilinx_Repo_1_43, vivado/sdk 2017.4, zedboard, hdl-hdl_2018_r1

    I am testing “ucos usb host msc” example project with ucos_v1_43 on zedboard. The vivado design is borrowed from https://github.com/analogdevicesinc/hdl/releases/tag/2018_r1

    I shorted the jumpers of JP2 and JP3 according to <<ZedBoard_HW_UG_v2_2.pdf>>, however “ucos usb host msc” still cannot drive out vbus +5v, therefore, the host msc would not function (expecting to write a file on usb memry stick and read it back for double check).

    Then, I connected zedboard usb port to a powered hub, and plugged usb memory stick into the hub. This time, “ucos usb host msc” worked as expected.

    looking through the repository, only one file contains vbus information.

    “(3) On ZedBoard, Vbus 5V Enable is controlled directly on the board via the jumper JP2.
    This jumper must be shorted. No need to enable Vbus through a I/O.”

    However, my test shows that there is no vbus +5v output even after shorting the jumper JP2.

    Please advise, thanks in advance.


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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