IAR Systems, NXP Semiconductors and Micrium collaborate to launch flexible RTOS-based reference design platform

LPC2468 platform features modular design, giving fastest time to market for ARM-powered industrial applications

IAR Systems, NXP Semiconductors, and Micrium have announced the launch of a new reference design platform targeted at RTOS-based, ARM-powered embedded systems for industrial applications. The new platform gives software and hardware engineers a fast time to market for systems based on the LPC2468 ARM7™ microcontroller from NXP Semiconductors, starting from a proven hardware/software platform with flexible pre-designed modules for a wide range of applications.

The LPC2468 Industrial Reference Design (IRD) platform software is built around the Micrium μC/OS-II™ Real Time Operating System (RTOS), and IAR Embedded Workbench® for ARM® C/C++ compiler and debugger. The platform incorporates flexible, interchangeable PCB-based ‘Core’, ‘Base’ and ‘Application’ modules that provide the essential system functions and wired communications protocols for a wide range of industrial and consumer embedded applications, such as: building automation and lighting control; solid state lighting; e-metering; white goods and industrial control. The IRD platform includes the use of an integrated development environment (IDE) and J-Link (JTAG) hardware debug link.

The platform is powered from either an external 5V DC power supply or a separately supplied Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) device application board, and incorporates a current monitoring circuit. Both the JTAG connection and Micrium’s system monitor feature assist with software development and debug. Hardware circuitry is incorporated to facilitate In-System-Programming (ISP), allowing different software packages to be easily loaded and demonstrated on the platform.

The IRD platform comprises an NXP LPC2468 microcontroller board, a base board featuring Ethernet, USB Host/Device, two RS232 ports, and two CAN ports, a membrane style keypad board, 4x20 LCD display and an IAR J-Link JTAG debug probe. Software support is provided for 10/100Base Ethernet, USB Host/Device, CAN, RS-232, and I2C wired communication protocols, allowing real-time monitoring and control of the system over the Internet.  NXP has also developed several reference applications in C source code that can be used to initiate application development and speed time to product production.

In addition hardware and software application modules will be available separately, and can extend the platform functionality to application modes that include DALI, DMX, CAN and motor control, with further application modules under development.  The IRD provides flexible interfaces for Vacuum Fluorescent Displays (VFD) or Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD), UART expansion, I2C expansion, and application specific hardware via connection headers on the baseboard.

The IRD includes Micrium’s RTOS, TCP/IP stack, File System, CAN stack and USB Host and Device stacks as executable demos. Licensing the source code from Micrium allows the developer to customize this platform very quickly and substantially reduce time to market.

 “IAR Systems is very excited to be working with NXP and Micrium in incorporating IAR Embedded Workbench ARM and the C-SPY debugger into the NXP Industrial Reference Design platform,” commented Robert DeOliveira, IAR Systems Global Account Manager. “Embedded developers will be very pleased with the breadth, power and flexibility that this Reference Design Platform offers to handle the most demanding scheduling in their projects, while allowing for seamless integration in their final applications.”

"The Industrial Reference Design Platform with its RTOS and software library, along with the application modules such as Motor Control, DALI, DMX and others, has really enabled our distributor partners to present a working solution to the customer base. The customers are very excited about the platform as it enables them to take 6 to 12 months off of their current development cycle," added Rob Badhorn, NXP Semiconductors Director of Distribution Technical Programs in the Americas.

“The IRD brings together all the necessary elements to allow engineers to bring product to market faster, which in turn increases the opportunity window for each new product,” said Jean Labrosse, President and CEO of Micrium. “The IRD is ready to go with our RTOS, TCP/IP, File System, CAN and USB products. This makes it as easy as possible for developers to implement these services, while significantly reducing the need for them to write infrastructure code, and this allows them to concentrate on the actual design.”



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