ITTIA DB SQL Supports Micrium µC/OS-II and µC/OS-III

Meets Mission-Critical Data Management Needs

July 28, 2015 — Bellevue, WA — ITTIA announces support for Micrium µC/OS-II® and µC/OS-III® real-time operating systems (RTOSes) in its flagship embedded database product, ITTIA DB SQL. Micrium operating systems run on a large number of processor architectures, including Blackfin DSPs from Analog Devices and ARM Cortex microcontrollers from Freescale, that accelerate data acquisition with integrated vision, voice, sensor, and packet processing hardware. ITTIA DB SQL and Micrium's RTOS kernels enable software to efficiently run SQL queries while continuously cataloging critical data records.  ITTIA DB SQL development kits for µC/OS-II,  µC/OS-III, and the µC/FS file system are available for immediate download.

"We are excited to support µC/OS-II and µC/OS-III and similar products from Micrium. Our total solution offering helps embedded developers to address mission-critical data management requirements on a powerful real-time operating system, enabling breakthrough insights that provide a competitive advantage," said Sasan Montaseri, ITTIA President and Founder.

"There is no question that with the advent of the Internet of Things, data management is an increasingly critical requirement," said Christian Légaré, EVP and CTO of Micrium. "Our µC/OS kernels are preemptive, real-time, scalable, and ideal for specialized DSP microprocessors like Blackfin. ITTIA DB SQL running on µC/OS-II and III offers customers a differentiated, high-performance embedded database capability."

For embedded software development, ITTIA DB SQL and µC/OS kernels provide a solid foundation on which efficient multitasking applications can reliably store and access information. Software overhead and footprint are easy to manage when the operating system kernel, drivers, libraries, and application code are all compiled together into a single execution unit.

In addition, embedded devices typically store data on flash media. µC/FS is a portable file system library for embedded systems that can be used with or without an operating system. The storage device is accessed directly, giving the application optimized access. In a multitasking environment, tasks can share access to the file system by implementing locking functions or opening database connections. µC/FS does not rely on any other operating system features and does not require an operating system for single-task devices.

Transactional storage with ITTIA DB SQL improves persistent data storage in three key areas: reliability, scalability, and shared access. The ITTIA DB SQL database library uses transaction logging, indexed search, and locking to empower embedded applications.

Try ITTIA DB SQL Release for µC/OS-II/III

A free copy of ITTIA DB SQL is available for evaluation at:

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ITTIA offers database solutions for platforms where limited memory, storage, and processing power makes software development challenging. ITTIA develops fast, high-performance database products and tools with the goal of providing excellent data management software for embedded systems and devices. ITTIA products are designed to be suitable for application development and deployment at a significantly reduced cost. ITTIA customers include GlaxoSmithKline, VNU, Boeing, Moodys, Sandia National Laboratory, Puget Sound Energy and others. You can obtain more information about ITTIA at:

About Micrium

Micrium is a global RTOS leader for microprocessor-, microcontroller- and DSP-based devices. µC/OS is the leading commercial RTOS for embedded systems, and features a wide array of connectivity options. Micrium® Spectrum is a pre-integrated end-to-end portfolio of embedded software, protocol stacks and cloud services to facilitate development of the IoT from device to the cloud. Micrium's RTOS kernel and software components are recognized for unparalleled reliability, performance, dependability, impeccable source code and extensive documentation. They are ideally suited to all embedded vertical markets, with solutions certified to meet rigorous safety-critical standards for industries such as medical electronics, avionics and industrial control. For additional information, visit:

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