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µC/OS for Makers lets you design-in Micrium’s industry-leading RTOS at no cost: proven, reliable and comes with extensive documentation, sample projects and support videos.

µC/OS is ideally suited to all embedded vertical markets, with some certifiable to meet rigorous safety-critical standards for industries such as medical electronics, avionics and industrial products

Our flagship µC/OS family is recognized for:

Included Components

  • µC/OS-III
  • µC/TCP-IP
  • µC/USB-Device
  • µC/USB-Host
  • µC/Modbus
  • µC/FS

Included Tools

  • µC/Probe

Licensing Options

License Type Hobbyists Partners & Design Houses Educational Institutions Commercial
Who Qualifies Private home use Micrium Certified Partners Students and educators at accredited institutions For-profit businesses
Cost $0 and rights to name as customer $0 for proof of concepts, or contributing ports and drivers $0 License cost varies by type; royalty-free
TCP/IP Module
USB-Device Module
USB Host Module
Modbus Module
File System
CAN Module
Graphical UI
Building Blocks
Free Training Seminars Space permitting
Training Materials
One-Year Maintenance

Ported to Over 50 Architectures


For a complete list of current architectures supported, visit the Micrium Download Center.

Contributed ports and drivers are welcome.

µC/OS for Makers is available now!

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