Micrium and PolyCore Software Collaborate on Multicore Programming Model for ARM Cortex Processors

ARM Technology Conference—Santa Clara, CA—November 10, 2010-- Micrium, a leader in real time operating systems (RTOS) dedicated to microcontrollers, in collaboration with PolyCore Software, Inc., specialists in multicore development software today announced a partnership whereby they will collaborate to provide customers with ARM Cortex-based technology that adheres to industry standards while greatly improving efficiency and time-to-market.

PolyCore Software’s Poly-PlatformTM simplifies multicore programming challenges that designers confront by substantially shortening the design cycle inherent in complex multicore designs through abstraction, quick turn optimizations and validation. Preservation of investment is realized through a standardized programming model and tools that narrow the gap between multicore hardware and software.

Micrium is well respected by embedded design engineers for its long history of providing easy-to-use middleware to the embedded marketplace. The company’s leading µC/OS family of products is based on solid documentation, strict adherence to stringent coding standards, and a resulting time-to-market advantage. Micrium's expertise in RTOS’s together with PolyCore Software’s multicore programming platform enable developers to strategically and tactically design the best solutions for delegating system tasks and functions amongst multiple separate processors and/or multiple cores on the same chip.

“Micrium enjoys a long history of development and support for ARM Cortex processors,” said Jean Labrosse, founder, president and CEO of Micrium. “We are excited to partner with PolyCore Software, given our complementary philosophies, high-quality products, and experience in providing solutions to consumer, communications, industrial, medical and aerospace customers.”

“We are enthusiastic about extending Poly-Platform support for µC/OS,” said Sven Brehmer, president and CEO of PolyCore Software. “Together, we provide a path for our customers to rapidly move to ARM’s multicore architectures and to connect Linux applications with the real time capabilities of µC/OS applications.”

For more information about this partnership, please visit booth 517, attend our joint-presentation and receive a copy of our multicore white paper.

About PolyCore Software

PolyCore Software, Inc. provides development tools and run-time solutions to simplify application development and improve development productivity for multicore, multi-processor architectures. Improvements in time to market, development costs and risks are achieved through software reuse, ease of use development tools, and the generation of optimized run time program elements. Design for today’s architectures and run on tomorrow’s architectures.

About Micrium

Micrium provides the highest quality embedded software components by way of cleanest source code, unsurpassed documentation, and customer support. Starting with Micrium’s flagship product, µC/OS through its complete line of software, Micrium shortens time to market throughout all product development cycles and builds products that address today’s increased design complexity. For additional information, visit: www.Micrium.com.


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