Micrium and Redpine Partner to Offer Support for Redpine’s Embedded Wi-Fi Solutions on Micrium’s µC/TCP-IP Stack

SAN JOSE, Calif.--Micrium and Redpine today announced the integration of Redpine's embedded Wi-Fi solutions into platforms running the µC/TCP-IP protocol stack.  With this, embedded systems developers building devices around Micrium's products can easily add Wi-Fi connectivity to their applications.

The Wi-Fi products supported from Redpine's Connect-io-n™ family of products include the RS9110-N-11-21 module—an ultra-low-power, single-stream, 802.11n, serial-to-Wi-Fi device.  These modules completely contain WLAN functionality and connect to host processors through SPI or serial interfaces.  The device drivers created as part of this partnership integrate cleanly with Micrium's TCP/IP stack running on the host processor, providing a complete IP-based WLAN interface to applications.

"The emerging Internet-of-Things market has a strong requirement for small-footprint, real-time OSes, compact and reliable TCP/IP stacks, and easily integrated, high-performance, future-proof Wi-Fi connectivity—a combination uniquely provided as a result of this partnership between Micrium and Redpine," said Venkat Mattela, CEO of Redpine Signals.  "Our large and fast-growing customer base includes a wide variety of embedded products for medical, industrial, home automation, and smart energy applications, and we are pleased to offer them the right choice of embedded wireless connectivity."

"Micrium recognizes the importance of stable Wi-Fi hardware in the design of state-of-the-art embedded products," said Jean Labrosse, CEO of Micrium.  "Our µC/TCP-IP contains the highest quality source code, and Micrium is recognized for offering a reliable, compact, high-performance, and well-documented TCP/IP protocol stack that has been optimized for embedded systems.  We are proud to support the Redpine Signals products and bring these joint solutions to the market."

About Redpine Signals, Inc.

Headquartered in San Jose, California, Redpine Signals, Inc. is a fabless semiconductor and wireless system solutions company focusing on ultra-low-power and high-performance products for next-generation wireless applications.  Redpine was founded in 2001 and was the first in the industry to launch an ultra-low-power and low-cost, single-stream, 802.11n chipset in late 2007.  Redpine offers chipsets, modules and solutions covering multiple market segments, including industrial, consumer electronics, medical, mobile, PC, and smart energy.  Redpine's technology portfolio includes a multi-stream, 802.11n along with mobile WiMax (802.16e) and LTE technologies.  The company has more than 120 employees worldwide.  For more information on Redpine products, visit http://www.redpinesignals.com/ or contact Redpine at info@redpinesignals.com.

About Micrium

Micrium is consistently recognized as a leader in embedded software components, including the company's flagship µC/OS-III.  Jean Labrosse, Micrium founder, and Christian Legare, Micrium vice president, are both widely known and respected as industry experts based upon their broad visibility within the industry that includes educational tracts they deliver at Embedded Systems Conferences and other industry events.  Micrium's books on embedded systems, including a new series on TCP/IP, are the most popular books on the subject and are being used by embedded systems developers worldwide in a variety of languages.

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