Micrium and Segger Announce SystemView Support for µC/OS-II and µC/OS-III Kernels

Free tool provides a live view of RTOS events to facilitate embedded system design

Micrium Inc. and SEGGER Microcontroller GmbH & Co. today announced SystemView support for Micrium’s µC/OS-II® and µC/OS-III® real-time operating system (RTOS) kernels. The tool offers real-time recording and visualization that exposes the true run-time behavior of a µC/OS-II or µC/OS-III RTOS-based application. SystemView allows a developer using either kernel to ensure a system performs as designed, by tracking down inefficiencies and showing unintended interactions and resource conflicts.

“As an increasing number of applications are requiring the use of an RTOS to meet size and performance constraints, developers need to go beyond debugging to understand and validate the performance of their embedded systems,” said Jean Labrosse, President and CEO of Micrium. “By offering a live view of RTOS events, SystemView has a unique ability to view a system’s behavior in real time, allowing users to identify issues and make adjustments to optimize performance. This makes SystemView an ideal tool that allows our customers to accelerate development of their embedded systems.”

Micrium and SEGGER collaborated to tailor SystemView for use with the µC/OS-II and µC/OS-III kernels. Using SystemView, developers can analyze which interrupts, tasks and software timers have executed, how often, when they happened and how much time they have used. This allows users to see what is happening from the RTOS’ perspective and to understand how to use and fine-tune RTOSes. Further, SystemView can be run concurrently with Micrium’s µC/Probe™, allowing a developer to change a behavior using µC/Probe and see the timing and effect in SystemView.

“SystemView has a unique ability to show what is happening inside an RTOS,” said Rolf Segger, owner, SEGGER Microcontroller. “From an industry perspective, it is important that SystemView interface with any RTOS to monitor system behavior while tasks are being executed. For this reason, we worked with Micrium to customize a version of the tool for its popular kernel to meet its customers’ requirements and facilitate product development.”

SystemView can operate in real time by displaying RTOS events in an oscilloscope live-view mode, or record RTOS events on a PC for post-analysis. The tool requires J-Link or J-Link On-Board and target resident code (few KB of code, 1KB of RAM). SystemView offers the following capabilities:

  • Displays tasks and ISRson a timeline in priority order
  • Displaysmin/max execution times of tasks and other statistics
  • Allows you to see if your tasks are able to meet their deadlines
  • Allows you to better assign task priorities
  • Records up to 1 million events
  • Zoom in and out in time to show fewer or expose more events
  • Showwhen µC/OS-II or µC/OS-III kernel APIs are called

About Micrium

Micrium is a global RTOS leader for microprocessor-, microcontroller- and DSP-based devices. µC/OS™ is the leading commercial RTOS for embedded systems, and features a wide array of connectivity options. Micrium® Spectrum is a pre-integrated end-to-end portfolio of embedded software, protocol stacks and cloud services to facilitate development of the IoT from device to the cloud. Micrium’s RTOS kernel and software components are recognized for unparalleled reliability, performance, dependability, impeccable source code and extensive documentation. They are ideally suited to all embedded vertical markets, with solutions certified to meet rigorous safety-critical standards for industries such as medical electronics, avionics and industrial control. For additional information, visit: www.micrium.com.

About SEGGER Microcontroller

SEGGER Microcontroller is a full-range supplier of software, hardware and development tools for embedded systems. The company offers support throughout the whole development process with affordable, high quality, flexible and easy-to-use tools and components. SEGGER offers solutions for secure communication as well as data and product security, meeting the needs of the rapidly evolving IoT. SEGGER was founded in 1997, is privately held, and is growing steadily. Headquartered in Germany with a US office in the Boston area and distributors in all continents, SEGGER offers its full product range worldwide. For additional information, visit:  www.segger.com.

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