Micrium and TI Unveil New TCP/IP Book and Example Projects

Projects showcase networking capabilities of the EVALBOT platform

WESTON, FL--Micrium and Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) today announced the completion of a new book based on the uC/TCP-IPTM network stack and TI's highly popular Stellaris® EVALBOT robotic evaluation platform. The book, titled uC/TCP-IP, The Embedded Protocol Stack, offers its readers everything needed to get started writing network applications for the EVALBOT, including links to tools and example projects.

Micrium's vice president, Christian Legare, who has many years of experience with network protocols and has written extensively on the topic, is one of the authors of the new volume. In the first half of uC/TCP-IP, The Embedded Protocol Stack, Mr. Legare provides a comprehensive description of both uC/TCP-IP and the protocols that this professional-grade stack implements.

"As more and more products have become networked, the demand for a quality TCP/IP stack has risen precipitously," noted Mr. Legare. "This new book gives embedded systems developers a guided tour of Micrium's highly reliable uC/TCP-IP stack and, importantly, provides all of the tools and software needed to quickly and easily start a project around the stack."

uC/TCP-IP, which was designed according to the strict coding standards followed by Micrium's world-renowned kernels, uC/OS-IITM and uC/OS-IIITM, has been garnering the praise of embedded software experts for many years. With superb documentation that includes the new book, the stack can help developers avoid the hassles often associated with writing network applications.

Standing as the ideal companion to Micrium's stack is the unique hardware platform on which the uC/TCP-IP book is based, TI's Stellaris EVALBOT. A highly cost-effective evaluation board that couples a collection of advanced connectivity and peripheral devices with several engaging robotics features, the EVALBOT is outfitted with an LM3S9B92 microcontroller from TI's innovative family of Stellaris ARM® CortexTM-M MCUs.

"Micrium's TCP/IP stack is a critical tool for embedded software developers wanting to implement networking capabilities into their systems," said Miguel Morales, worldwide marketing manager, Stellaris Cortex-M MCUs, TI. "Micrium's new book recognizes the industry-leading advanced connectivity and peripherals options on the EVALBOT and encourages engineers to explore TCP/IP software stacks using this robotic evaluation platform."

Readers of uC/TCP-IP, The Embedded Protocol Stack can observe the combined capabilities of Stellaris MCUs and uC/TCP-IP through example projects that meet the high standard of creativity set by the EVALBOT. Amongst these offerings are a weather station project and a Web server example that allows the EVALBOT to be remotely piloted via a simple HTML interface.

All of the example projects from uC/TCP-IP, The Embedded Protocol Stack are available from Micrium's web site. The book itself will be offered by Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Embedded Developer, and Newark/element14.

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