Micrium Brings IPv6 to STM32 MCUs

Micrium, the premier RTOS provider for embedded systems, today announced the availability of a full complement of professional-quality connectivity solutions, including the highly anticipated IPv6-compliant edition of the uC/TCP-IP network stack, on the STM32F407 line of ARM Cortex-M4-based MCUs from ST Microelectronics. In addition to uC/TCP-IP, these solutions include feature-rich host and device stacks for USB that implement many of this protocol's most popular classes.

“The great push to develop products for the rapidly expanding Internet of Things is making communication a vital part of more devices”

"The great push to develop products for the rapidly expanding Internet of Things is making communication a vital part of more devices," said Micrium Founder and CEO Jean Labrosse. "The combination of Cortex-M4-based MCUs from ST Microelectronics and robust protocol stacks from Micrium puts proven communications options at developers' fingertips, helping to ensure that projects finish on time and under budget."

The uC/TCP-IP network stack is written according to the incredibly rigorous coding standards that have brought Micrium renown amongst embedded systems developers, and the stack has proven itself time and again in a variety of innovative products since its release 10 years ago. It features a highly intuitive, easy-to-use API, and it is exhaustively documented in uC/TCP-IP, The Embedded Protocol Stack, written by Micrium's Executive Vice President and CTO, Christian Legare.

The uC/USB Device and Host modules that stand alongside uC/TCP-IP in Micrium's product lineup share many of the network stack's impressive attributes. The USB software features remarkably clean code and is available with robust implementations of many popular classes, including Audio, Mass Storage, Human Interface Device, Communications Device, and Personal Healthcare Device.

Micrium's software has long been recognized for its compatibility with the ARM Cortex-M core, and 2014 marks five years since the highly popular uC/OS-III kernel first ran on a Cortex-M-based STM32 MCU. Currently, Micrium supports the STM32 family with a full spectrum of RTOS components that includes, in addition to uC/OS-III and the protocol stacks, the uC/FS file system and the uC/OS-II kernel preferred by developers of safety-critical systems.

All of the modules in Micrium's lineup are available under straightforward, royalty-free licensing terms. Newly updated example projects incorporating the protocol stacks and targeting the STM32F407 line can be downloaded now from the Micrium Web site.

About Micrium

Micrium is an RTOS and tools provider serving embedded systems developers. The products in Micrium's portfolio are accompanied by intuitive documentation and are backed by second-to-none technical support. For more information, visit www.micrium.com.

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