Micrium Expands Essential µC/OS Ecosystem with Safety-Critical Validated Joint Venture

ESC BOSTON—September 21, 2010--Micrium, Inc., a leading developer and manufacturer of real-time and embedded operating systems, today announced a joint venture with Validated Software Corporation (VSC) to design, develop, and market safety-critical solutions for the embedded market. The goal of the joint venture is to create and deliver low-risk, cost-effective alternatives to other commercial and in-house systems. With strategic and tactical alignment on designs, technologies, and service/support, the venture will greatly increase customer access to proven and cost effective safety-critical compliant RTOS technology.

VSC’s software certification packages provide the essential evidence required to certify Micrium’s µC/OS family of products. VSC’s semi-custom Validation Suites™ and “off the shelf” Validation Kits™ satisfy the rigorous certification requirements of medical, avionics, industrial, and rail and transportation regulatory agencies that enforce safety standards applied to mission-critical and safety-critical equipment.

“Micrium has worked closely with Validated for over ten years,” said Jean Labrosse, founder, CEO and president of Micrium. “Micrium and Validated enjoy a substantial presence in today’s safety-critical market segment. This rapidly expanding market requires not only cost-effective solutions, but also those built on solid reputations, flexibility, and a long history of addressing this demanding marketplace. Together, Micrium and Validated Software are a natural fit to provide solutions going forward.” 

Engineered for resource-constrained embedded devices, Micrium’s µC/OS kernel and supporting components are used in millions of devices worldwide across a wide variety of mission, safety-critical, and non-safety critical applications. Micrium’s core competencies are enhanced by VSC’s customer-centric safety-critical knowhow and a commitment to worldwide software safety and reliability.

"By partnering with Micrium, we bring increased value to customers by integrating our certification support into Micrium’s safety-critical strategy. Our decision to work more closely with Micrium was based on the market’s growing need for affordable certified RTOS solutions. Along with its commitment to customer satisfaction and quality, Micrium is highly respected by embedded software developers,” said Scott Nowell, president of Validated Software Corp. "Our customers will clearly benefit from earlier and tighter integration as well as the collective scale that our companies bring to the partnership.”

With VSC’s certification packages (Validation Suites and Validation Kits), Micrium’s µC/OS kernel and components are certifiable to the rigorous requirements demanded by software safety standards such as DO-178B, ED-12B, DO-278, ED-109, FDA 510(k), IEC-60601, IEC-62304, ISO-14971, IEC-61508, UL 1998, IEC-62679, EN50128, 49CFR236 and more. While many of today’s safety-critical devices require no more than a simple kernel, VSC and Micrium continue to put together innovative yet practical software solutions that astonishingly cut man-years, even man-decades, from development schedule.

About Validated Software

Validated Software Corporation provides FAA, FDA, and IEC compliant Validation and Verification Suites for software components used in safety-critical systems for leading aerospace, medical, industrial, and nuclear control companies. VSC also provides platform software; board support packages (BSPs), custom test suites, and solutions for proprietary software used in safety-critical systems. For more information about this exciting product line, visit us on the web at: www.ValidatedSoftware.Com

About Micrium

Micrium provides the highest quality embedded software components by way of cleanest source code, unsurpassed documentation, and customer support. Starting with Micrium’s flagship product, µC/OS through its complete line of software, Micrium shortens time to market throughout all product development cycles and builds products that address today’s increased design complexity. For additional information, visit: www.Micrium.com. 

For additional information on the joint venture, please visit: http://micrium.com/validated

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