Micrium IoT & Embedded Systems Demos — Embedded World 2015

Micrium will showcase a series of embedded systems demos at our booth at Embedded World 2015 in Nürnberg, Germany. Find out more about Micrium's activities and presentations EW 2015.

Medical Demo

Micrium will demo our safety-certified µC/OS-II kernel running in a fully functioning pulse oximeter. This device is based on one of Freescale’s ARM Cortex-M-based Kinetis MCUs (from the K53 family) and leverages the highly popular Tower System Development Board Platform. In addition to providing expected pulse oximeter functionality by using a combination of LEDs and a photodiode to measure a test subject’s oxygen saturation, the device features wireless connectivity that allows it to transmit data to cloud servers managed by Micrium’s partner 2lemetry. It is thus an ideal example of the unique possibilities that the IoT offers developers of medical and fitness products.

Internet of Things Demo #1

Our IoT Smart Home Gateway demo showcases the capabilities of our Micrium Spectrum™ embedded software and cloud services. The Smart Home Gateway is the centerpiece of your Connected-Home and allows your diverse collection of smart home products to not only speak the same language but also connect to the cloud, so that you can easily monitor and control them. The demo, available from http://micrium.com/downloadcenter/, is based on multiple platforms including Renesas RX, Freescale Kinetis and TI’s LaunchPad. At embedded world 2015 we will be running the Renesas-based version of the demo, featuring an IoT device that comes online by simulating stimulus and watching its response on the Internet.

Internet of Things Demo #2

We will be running a demo of the IS2T app store in Java on a Freescale Kinetis K70. This new platform enables the download and activation of several applications that can safely cooperate within the same device, dynamically reconfigure products already on the market and instantaneously deploy applications on millions of devices. Combined with the UI, this offers a platform similar to Android, but starting from 256KB Flash MCUs.

IS2T App Store In Java

Industrial Demo

Micrium will demo its µC/OS-II running on Linear Technology Wireless Sensor Network on Linear Technology. Each of the DC9003A-B is a 6LoWPAN node running µC/OS-II. Additionally, the Wireless Network manager, the DC9001 also runs µC/OS-II. At the show we will demo a Wireless Sensor network and run simple sensor applications using the Wireless Sensor nodes (temperature, light).

Embedded World 2015
90471 Nürnberg, Germany

24–26 February, 2015
09:00-18:00 (24 and 25 February)
09:00-17:00 (26 February)

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