Micrium’s New uC/TCP-IP Stack Integrates World-Class SSL Solution from Mocana

Micrium, the premier supplier of high-quality software components for embedded systems, and Mocana, the leader in security solutions for connected devices, today announced the integration of Mocana's NanoSSL module designed to extend the capability of Micrium's uC/TCP-IP stack.

Mocana's NanoSSL complements Micrium's uC/TCP-IP stack and will offer the quality, scalability, and reliability that customers have come to expect from both companies. With this integrated solution, engineers can focus on innovation and not worry about integrating SSL-based secure communications into their products.

"Internet connections are found in an increasing number and type of devices," said Christian Legare, Micrium's vice president. "It is easy to imagine that every one of these devices requires security, especially when you consider that even the least of them provide a gateway into your network. This new offer that Mocana and Micrium promote together brings best-in-class Internet connectivity to the embedded design marketplace and builds upon a solid foundation of Micrium's embedded software."

"Connected devices have evolved where secure communications is now a must," said Mike Siegel, VP of Products for Mocana. "By integrating Mocana's NanoSSL with Micrium's uC/TCP-IP stack, we are providing OEMs with a proven, robust solution that reduces time-to-market and creates a smoother out-of-box experience for engineers. We are excited to be working with Micrium to make it easy for OEMs to deploy secure connected devices."

In October, Micrium and Mocana will be hosting a Webinar that will go into the technical aspects of using SSL in modern embedded designs. Micrium's Web site will provide the exact time and date of this event.

This new SSL offering can be purchased directly from Micrium or any one of their distributors and will be attractively priced to accelerate adoption in all levels of embedded products, from the simplest home automation devices to flight control systems.

About Micrium, Inc

Micrium is consistently recognized as a leader in embedded software components, including the company's flagship uC/OS-III. Jean Labrosse, Micrium founder, and Christian Legare, Micrium vice president, are both widely known and respected as industry experts based upon their broad visibility within the industry that includes educational tracts they deliver at Embedded Systems Conferences and other industry events. Micrium's books on embedded systems, including a new series on TCP/IP, are the most popular books on the subject and are being used by embedded systems developers worldwide in a variety of languages. For more information, visit www.micrium.com.

About Mocana Corporation

Launched in 2004 and recognized by the World Economic Forum as a 2012 Technology Pioneer, Mocana provides the only device-independent security platform that secures all aspects of mobile and smart connected devices, as well as the apps and services that run on them. Mocana's solutions dramatically increase confidence and compliance for the enterprise, OEMs, service providers and their customers. Millions of people use products sold by the more than 200 companies that rely on Mocana's solutions, including Cisco, Honeywell, Dell, GE, and General Dynamics, as well as four of the top five Android handset makers. For more information, visit www.mocana.com.


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