Quick and Easy User Guide for µC/OS-III Optimization – Part 2

μC/OS-III has a rich set of built-in instrumentation that collects real-time performance data. This data can be used to provide invaluable insight into your kernel-based application, allowing you to have a better understanding of the run- time behavior of your system. Having this information readily available can, in some cases, uncover potential real-time programming errors and allow you to optimize your application.

Once your application performs satisfactorily and meets your real-time needs, you can compile-out the instrumentation code, which would not only reduce code and data size, but would also improve the kernel’s performance.

In this second part, we’ll look at how you can improve performance by selectively disabling instrumentation capabilities in µC/OS-III.

Download the white paper "μC/OS-III Performance Optimization ARM Cortex-M (Part 2)" now.

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