µC/OS is a full-featured embedded operating system.
Features support for TCP/IP, USB, CAN bus, and Modbus.
Includes a robust file system, and graphical user interface.


Micrium software includes comprehensive documentation, full source code, powerful debugging features, and support for a huge range of CPU architectures.


Micrium software offers unprecedented ease-of-use, a small memory footprint, remarkable energy efficiency, and all with a full suite of protocol stacks.


Engineers across the world building industrial controls, medical devices, and aerospace systems know they can rely on Micrium software for the foundation of exceptional products.

Ported to Over 50 Architectures

µC/OS is Available for Your Platform


For a complete list of current architectures supported, visit the Micrium Download Center.
Contributed ports and drivers are welcome.


Open-Source Apache 2.0 License

Check out our licensing page for more information.