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Embedded Relational Database

Next generation database technology for embedded systems.

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ITTIA DB SQL delivers capabilities culminated from decades of database evolution in a compact, self-managing package. Used in such applications as medical devices, industrial automation, portable data terminals, consumer electronics, and network appliances, ITTIA DB SQL enables μC/OS developers to leverage enterprise data management features across embedded system and device product lines.

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ITTIA DB SQL enhances several Micrium products, including:

μC/OS-II and µC/OS-III Database files are seamlessly shared between μC/OS tasks. Use database transactions to safely read the database even while a concurrent task is writing changes.
MicriumFile System Organize a large volume of data with the relational model. Automatic recovery protects data integrity in case of power failure or other unexpected events.
Micrium TCP/IP Distribute locally stored data to other devices through efficient database replication. Connect to ITTIA DB Sync Server to synchronize with back-end systems such as SQL Server, Oracle, and similar RDBMS products.
Micrium Graphical UI Output dynamic reports from an SQL query to a local display.

Data Management Capabilities

Manage large volumes of data with the right embedded database.

Transactional Storage Protect critical data from unexpected power failure, race conditions, and other risks.
Data Modeling Keep records organized for days, years, or decades.
SQL Develop complex queries rapidly and efficiently.
Security Protect sensitive information both at rest and in motion with data encryption.
Data Distribution Transmit new and updated records to databases peers with synchronous and asynchronous replication.
Concurrency Share database files between threads, processes, and other network devices.

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