Full-featured embedded operating system
with automated project generation

Features support for TCP/IP, USB, CAN bus, and Modbus.
Includes a robust file system, and graphical user interface.
Ready for devices running on Silicon Labs platforms.

Real-Time Kernel

µC/OS 5

At the core of Micrium OS is the Micrium RTOS; a highly portable, scalable, preemptive, real-time, deterministic, multitasking kernel for microprocessors, microcontrollers and DSPs.

Offering unprecedented ease-of-use, the Micrium RTOS is delivered with complete 100% ANSI C source code and in-depth documentation.

The Micrium RTOS allows you to adjust your system's memory footprint based on your design requirements, saving valuable memory space.

Micrium OS Components

Project Automation

Micrium Platform Builder

Platform Builder is an innovative project-generation tool that allows you to quickly create Micrium OS-based applications. With Platform Builder, you can easily select your semiconductor manufacturer, MCU, evaluation board, and the Micrium OS components you need (kernel, TCP/IP, USB, etc.). The Platform Builder will generate the Micrium OS source files for you automatically. Platform Builder resolves dependencies between components, creates startup code calling modules in the proper order, and more.

Communication Software


A compact, reliable, high-performance TCP/IP protocol stack.
Features dual IPv4 and IPv6 support, an SSL/TLS socket option,
and support for Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and PHY controllers.

USB Device

Efficient USB device stack designed for embedded systems. Includes support for Audio, CDCACM, CDCEEM, HID, MSC, and Vendor classes.

USB Host

Efficient USB host stack for embedded systems equipped with a USB host or OTG controller. Includes many class drivers (MSC, HID, CDC ACM, USB2Ser and AOAP).


A CAN protocol framework that enables easy and clean implementation of CAN communication paths. Optimized for speed, flexibility and size, and high portability.


An industrial communications protocol for connecting industrial devices. Scalable, works with any CPU, and supports any number of communications channels.

Storage & Display Software

File System

A compact, reliable, high-performance and thread-safe embedded file system for microprocessors, microcontrollers and DSPs. An optional journaling component provides fail-safe operation, while maintaining FAT compatibility.

Graphical User Interface

A flexible graphical user interface for embedded applications that require a graphical display. Supports a range of interface styles including smartphone-like graphics with 32-bit color. With touch-screen support activated, you can provide your products with state-of-the-art user interfaces.

Optional Software Modules

Available for purchase separately

Secure Sockets Layer

Mocana NanoSSL is a robust and secure Secure Sockets Layer module. NanoSSL supports most SSL stacks via our secure port interface.

Relational Database

ITTIA DB SQL enables Micrium OS developers to leverage enterprise data management on embedded systems, all in a compact, self-managing package.

Embedded App Framework

MicroEJ allows application developers to run Java applications on a virtual (simulated) or real device, and publish them to the MicroEJ Application Store.

Transactional File System

Datalight Reliance Edge is a transactional file system for embedded devices, protecting critical system and user data from corruption in case of power interruption.


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