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Embedded Java Development Environment

MicroEJ is set of ready-to-use development platforms and an SDK for prototyping, designing, testing, and deploying smart embedded applications.

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What is MicroEJ?


MicroEJ provides tools for software application development. MicroEJ allows application developers to write Java applications, run them on a virtual (simulated) or real device, and publish them to the MicroEJ Application Store.

This module is available for purchase separately from µC/OS.

A Full Set of Services


MicroEJ SDK provides a scalable OS and a powerful workbench built on Eclipse to develop software for embedded and IoT devices.

MicroEJ OS runs on the embedded target. It provides a rich set of libraries with a high-level Java API upon which applications can be built.

MicroEJ Workbench allows firmware developers to integrate, configure, and build an embedded MicroEJ OS for running mixed Java and C software applications on their device.

MicroEJ Studio

MicroEJ Studio allows application developers to write applications for those devices, and publish them to the MicroEJ Application Store from which they can be downloaded by device users.

MicroEJ Studio provides tools built on Eclipse to develop software applications for MicroEJ-ready devices. MicroEJ Studio allows application developers to write Java applications, run them on a virtual (simulated) or real device, and publish them to the MicroEJ Application Store.

MicroEJ Studio runs on the application developer’s host. It provides an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) built on Eclipse for Java programming.

MicroEJ Application Store

MicroEJ Application Store allows device manufacturers and OEMs to create an ecosystem around their products to serve their customers (device users), application developers, and service providers. As part of this ecosystem, users of MicroEJ-ready devices can extend the functionality of their devices and potentially subscribe to Cloud-based services through applications, just as with smartphones and tablets. OEMs can choose to run a closed ecosystem and make sure apps are only published by their own developers, or they can choose to run an open ecosystem and moderate the publication of apps developed by third-parties outside of their organization.

MicroEJ and µC/OS


Key Benefits

An Integrated Development Environment

MicroEJ includes a user-friendly IDE based on Eclipse™ with functionalities that ease the design of embedded applications: clean architecture, object browser, visual debugger, etc.

An Easy Java Integration to C Platforms

MicroEJ is designed to integrate Java technology to existing C platforms. It provides a clean and understandable RTOS integration (µC/OS) using the green thread architecture: the Java world is confined into a single RTOS task. Communication between Java and C tasks only requires a couple of lines of code thanks to Simple Native Interface and Shielded Plug APIs.

A Unique Prototyping and Simulation Technology

MicroEJ includes a unique simulation technology that provides a platform for both workstation and embedded targeted platforms. It enables to instantly simulate on PC the embedded environment so that the application can run the exact same way on both actual and simulated systems. The application can be tested and debugged on PC, and then dropped in minutes on the target hardware.

Supported Architectures

Cores ARM Cortex-M0/M0+/M3/M4/M7, Renesas RX, Renesas RZ, V850, AVR32, ARM7, MIPS32/64, Infineon Tricore ARM9, Cortex-A, MIPS, x86, Ikanos, PowerPC
C Compilers Keil, GCC, IAR GCC, GreenHills, ARM Compiler

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