An innovative project-generation tool for building your embedded application running on Micrium OS. Platform Builder saves you time and money.

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Key Highlights

The Micrium Platform Builder includes:

  • Automated project generation
  • Filters for hardware manufacturer, platform, and your preferred IDE
  • Autocomplete selection of Micrium OS components
  • Export file list for IAR Embedded Workbench

Accelerate Development Time

The Micrium Platform Builder allows you to choose the components of Micrium OS you'll need for your embedded application in a clean and elegant user interface. You can filter your choices based on popular hardware platforms and toolchains, and the Platform Builder will detect any missing components automatically, and suggest the right selections.

The Platform Builder downloads the Micrium OS source code to support your application, and exports the completed project for use in your favorite IDE. The Platform Builder can also produce an import list for IAR Embedded Workbench.

The Micrium Platform Builder gets you working faster.

Getting Started

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The Micrium Platform Builder is the only tool you need to download Micrium OS source code.

The Platform Builder application itself is free to download. To use Micrium source code, you will need any one of the following:

Download Platform Builder Now