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Commercial customers can evaluate Micrium µC/OS source code for 45 days free of charge. You are required to purchase a license for use in any commercial application. See our licensing information. The evaluation period can be extended upon request.

Based upon preapproval, Micrium source and object code may be used by accredited colleges and universities without a license, as long as the software is used only for educational purposes. The college or university is responsible for protecting Micrium’s products to prevent uncontrolled distribution.

We provide support only for licensed users.

How to Download Micrium Source Code

Registration is required to download these files. If you do not already have an account at, you will be prompted to create one.

Note: The µC/OS-III file contains only the µC/OS-III source code. You will not be able to build a working application with this code because there are a number of unresolved functions, macros and #defines. To build an application, you will require hardware-specific files from two modules that are available with any µC/OS-III port: µC/CPU and µC/LIB.

The best way to obtain these hardware-specific files is to download an existing port that is similar to the processor you plan to use, and make the appropriate changes. Complete ports and board support packages are included as part of the projects for the uC/OS-III books, and make a good starting point. You can download those projects here: Micrium Book Projects.

You can also download a variety of ports and drivers for all Micrium products.

Terms of Use

Read the Terms of Use and the Evaluation Software License.

Download µC/OS-III

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