µC/OS Family

Micrium’s RTOS kernels, protocol stacks and memory protection extensions are ready for embedded devices and safety-critical systems.

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The Classic µC/OS RTOS and Stacks

µC/OS-III and µC/OS-II

µC/OS-II and µC/OS-III, the real-time kernels that have anchored Micrium's product lineup for years, are available for purchase and are fully supported.

You've trusted these kernels as the foundation for your products for two decades – in safety-critical fields and beyond – and Micrium is committed to your continued success. If you currently use µC/OS-II or µC/OS-III, you can rest assured that your kernel will be a viable option for product development going forward.

µC/OS-II remains an excellent option for devices that must comply with demanding safety standards such as DO-178B (aerospace), IEC 62304 (medical devices), and IEC 61508 (industrial controls), and Micrium will continue working with partner companies to ensure the availability of certification deliverables for the kernel.  You can find additional information on the use of Micrium software in certified systems here.

Full Protocol Stacks

Micrium's support commitment is not limited to the µC/OS-II and µC/OS-III kernels.  The entire µC/ family of products remains an active part of Micrium's portfolio.  These products include:

  • µC/TCP-IP — networking stack and applications
  • µC/FS — embedded file system
  • µC/USB Device — USB device stack
  • µC/USB Host — USB host stack
  • µC/GUI — graphical user interface
  • µC/CAN — CAN bus stack
  • µC/Modbus — Modbus stack
  • µC/MPU — an extension for µC/OS-II that provides memory protection
  • µC/TimeSpaceOS — an extension for µC/OS-II that provides memory protection and manages time allocation

Example projects based on Micrium's µC/ products can be downloaded here.

Purchase and Support Inquires

If you would like to make a purchase inquiry, contact Micrium's sales team.

If you have support requests covering these products, you may route them through Micrium's standard channels. You can also find user's manuals for all of the products on Micrium's documentation site.