A paid yearly subscription to Micrium's Maintenance Plan gives you access to valuable product enhancements, as well as our support engineers for assistance with problems and questions.

Enrolling in Micrium's Maintenance program ensures you get the most out of your Micrium software. Access to the latest product updates and expert technical support will save you time and money.

The Maintenance Plan allows you to have full access to the latest product updates for both minor and major releases, so that you are always current with the newest features and revisions as they become available.

The cost of the Micrium Maintenance Plan varies depending on your current product license. Contact sales@micrium.com for more information.

Micrium's Maintenance Plan also includes

Please note that our technical support does not include design or troubleshooting of customer applications.

Contact Support

All of your software comes with one year of maintenance under the Micrium Maintenance Plan. This includes support and software updates that will automatically be delivered to your customer portal.

If you are not currently under maintenance or don’t know your status please contact us at our Sales Department at  +1 954 217 2036 or email us at sales@micrium.com.