µC/CAN v2.42.00

New Features & Improvements

  • can_cfg.c includes default CAN baudrate found in can_cfg.h for CAN Bus Configuration.
  • CAN Core
    • Initial release of Template CAN Driver & BSP files.
  • RX600 Driver
    • Overwrite vs Overrun Mode selection (Default Mode: Overrun).
    • A Default Configuration is used when no 'Advanced Driver Configuration' section is found in can_cfg.h.
    • Included IO_RX600_CAN_IO_FUNC_N function code in RX600_CAN_IoCtl() function.

Bug Fixes

  • Removal of Hardware dependent BSP files from all Driver(s).
  • Updated BSP file naming convention from "drv_can_bsp" to "can_bsp". Updated all drivers to this naming convention.
  • Moved and Merged configuration files from OS layer(s) to generic configuration template folder.
  • Correction to CAN Example demo files for no OS ('NONE'), uC/OS-II, and uC/OS-III.
  • CAN Core
    • Unitialized result in can_os.c when dealing with no OS ('NONE').
    • CanBusWrite: Missing CANOS_PostTxFrame() function.
    • Race-Condition in CAN Bus Rx Handler & CanBusRead() function.
    • Correction in CAN Frame Bit Coding/Decoding (Big-Endian Byteorder).
    • Correction of 'result' variable in CanBusInit() (Was previously not used).
    • Correction of error return when calling CANBusInit() multiple times.
  • RX600 Driver
    • Removal of unnecessary include paths.
    • Updated type-defined enumerations with unique tags in drv_can.h
    • Corrected issue when setting RX600_CAN_IoCtl() function code 'IO_RX600_CAN_SET_EXTENDED' or '_SET_STANDARD' with argument set to '0'.
    • Corrected issue when returning early from RX600_CAN_IoCtl() function without calling the matching CPU_CRITICAL_EXIT macro.
    • Updated read/write functions for enabling/disabling CAN Frame flags based on IDE and RTR indicators found in CAN Registers.
    • Removed unnecessary local variables in CAN Driver functions.

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