µC/FS v4.07.03


  • µC/Clk V3.09.03
  • µC/CPU V1.29.01
  • µC/CRC V1.09.01
  • µC/LIB V1.38.00
  • [OPTION] µC/OS-II OS Port: µC/OS-II V2.92.07
  • [OPTION] µC/OS-III OS Port: µC/OS-II V3.03.01
  • [OPTION] USB Mass Storage Class driver: µC/USB-Host V3.40.02

New Features & Improvements


API Changes


Bug Fixes

  • NAND driver: possible stale metadata block issue in the case of large erase count discrepancies.
  • NAND driver: potential conflicting last physical block index erroneously stored in logical to physical block table.

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